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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alfred WittMale1859Fordingbridge, Hampshire 
Charles WittMale1874Fordingbridge, Hampshire 
Charles N. WittMale1860Fordingbridge, Hampshire 
Cicely D. WittFemale1899Sturminster Marshall, Dorset 
Ernest C. WittMale1886Ellingham, Hampshire 
Eva WittFemale1897Birdsmorgate, Dorset 
Hettie WittFemale1891Stalbridge, Dorset 
Hilda M. WittFemale1900Marnhull, Dorset 
Horace WittMale1898Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
Lilian E.M. WittFemale1896Wimborne, Dorset 
Lottie May WittFemale1884Ellingham, Hampshire 
Martha Sarah WittFemale1891Ellingham, Hampshire 
Maud WittFemale1894Bleak Hill, Hampshire 
Minnie E.G. WittFemale1900Sturminster Marshall, Dorset 
Stephen WittMale1863Damerham, Wiltshire 
Walter WittMale1893Marshalsea, Dorset 
William WittMale1848Bicklaw, Hampshire 
William WittMale1889Stalbridge, Dorset 
Annie WittleFemale1891Wasden?, Germany 
Emily WittleFemale1895Alderholt, Dorset 
Ernest WittleFemale1900Alderholt, Dorset 
Levi WittleMale1865Poole, Dorset 
William L. WittleMale1890Portisham, Dorset