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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Eldred WillsMale1889Briantspiddle, Dorset 
Flossie Mildred WillsFemale1897Poyntington, Dorset 
Francis WillsMale1843Merriott, Somerset 
George WillsMale1834Henstridge, Somerset 
Georgina WillsFemale1870Hadspen, Somerset 
Harriet WillsFemale1827Lydlinch, Dorset 
Herbert Henry WillsMale1890Cerne Abbas, Dorset 
James WillsMale  
James WillsMale1835Cheltenham, Gloucestershire 
James WillsMale1880Halstock, Dorset 
James Doug WillsMale1867Cerne Abbas, Dorset 
John WillsMale1873Cerne Abbas, Dorset 
Lucinda WillsFemale1872Paignton, Devon 
Mary WillsFemale 1754
Thomas James WillsMale1887Cerne Abbas, Dorset 
Tom WillsMale1885Briantspiddle, Dorset 
Wilfrid George WillsMale1900Stowell, Somerset 
Charles WillsherMale1874Leigh, Dorset 
Gertrude E. WillsherFemale1901Leigh, Dorset 
Caleb WillshirMale1844Leigh, Dorset 
Henry WillshirMale1880Leigh, Dorset 
Albert WillshireMale1894Leigh, Dorset 
Alfred WillshireMale1889Leigh, Dorset 
Alice WillshireFemale1897Leigh, Dorset 
Anna WillshireFemale1887Leigh, Dorset