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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alfred WillisMale1851Holnest, Dorset 
Alfred WillisMale1893Leigh, Dorset 
Alice WillisFemale1882Poole, Dorset 
Annie WillisFemale1845Wilton, Wiltshire 
Bessie M. WillisFemale1896Leigh, Dorset 
Binham H. WillisMale1894Leigh, Dorset 
Elizabeth WillisFemale  
Elizabeth WillisFemale1843Wilton, Wiltshire 
Elizabeth WillisFemale1895Holnest, Dorset 
Florence WillisFemale1877Hammersmith, London 
Florence WillisFemale1900Holnest, Dorset 
Frederick WillisMale1892Leigh, Dorset 
George WillisMale1841Longburton, Dorset 
George WillisMale1890Holnest, Dorset 
Harry WillisMale1889 
Henry WillisMale1813Holnest, Dorset1883
Henry C WillisMale1898Penselwood, Somerset 
Henry R WillisMale1888Holnest, Dorset 
Hugh WillisMale1842Longburton, Dorset 
John WillisMale1898Leigh, Dorset 
John W WillisMale1862 
Joseph WillisMale1836Holnest, Dorset 
Mervin WillisMale1899Leigh, Dorset 
Sarah WillisFemale1886Holnest, Dorset 
William WillisMale1846Sherborne, Dorset