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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Albert George WeeksMale1879Shapwick, Dorset 
Albert H G WeeksMale1898Blandford, Dorset 
Alice WeeksFemale1877Crediton, Devon 
Catherine H WeeksFemale  
Charles WeeksMale1877Morden, Dorset 
Charlotte WeeksMale1873Hilton, Dorset 
David WeeksMale1869Shapwick, Dorset 
Elizabeth Kezia WeeksFemale1873Shapwick, Dorset 
Elsie Blanche WeeksFemale1900Shapwick, Dorset 
Elsie Maud WeeksMale1899Hilton, Dorset 
Harry Wm WeeksMale1869Titchfield, Hampshire 
Henry Charles WeeksMale1894Shapwick, Dorset 
Henry George WeeksMale1891Shapwick, Dorset 
Reginald John WeeksMale1896Shapwick, Dorset 
Sydney Frank WeeksMale1898Shapwick, Dorset