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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Horatio MainwaringMale  
Maude MainwaringFemale1849Whitmore, Staffordshire1924
Annie WaringFemale1878 
Edward WaringMale1858 
Ethel E WaringFemale1882Charwelton, Northamptonshire 
Eva Laura WaringFemale1892 
Hilda WaringFemale1899 
James WaringMale1850 
James WaringMale1892 
John WaringMale1846 
John WaringMale1856 
Mary J WaringFemale1885 
Rose WaringFemale  
Thomas WaringMale1852 
Thomas WaringMale1888 
William WaringMale1853 
William T WaringMale1877