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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alice WalbridgeFemale1891Allington, Dorset 
Annie WalbridgeFemale1873Netherbury, Dorset 
Annie WalbridgeFemale1893Allington, Dorset 
Cornelius WalbridgeMale1879Netherbury, Dorset 
Daniel WalbridgeMale1858Netherbury, Dorset 
Emma WalbridgeFemale1889Netherbury, Dorset 
Florence WalbridgeFemale1885Netherbury, Dorset 
Herbert WalbridgeMale1889Netherbury, Dorset 
Robert WalbridgeMale1877Netherbury, Dorset 
Thomas WalbridgeMale1849Netherbury, Dorset 
Walter WalbridgeMale1886Netherbury, Dorset