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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alice VincentFemale1864Buckland Newton, Dorset 
Ashley VincentMale1880Winterborne Zelstone, Dorset 
Bessie VincentFemale1894Winterborne Zelstone, Dorset 
Charles VincentMale1896Winterborne Zelstone, Dorset 
Edward VincentMale1856Winterborne Zelstone, Dorset 
Emily jane VincentFemale1873Mapperton, Dorset 
Ernest C.E. VincentMale1873Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Eveline L. VincentFemale1881Stalbridge, Dorset 
Fanny VincentFemale1866Lillington, Dorset 
George VincentMale1818Thornford, Dorset 
George Edmund VincentMale1837Sherborne, Dorset 
George F. VincentMale1875Stalbridge, Dorset 
Harry VincentMale1877Winterborne Zelstone, Dorset 
Herbert VincentMale1898Handley, Dorset 
James VincentMale1807Iwerne Courtney, Dorset 
James VincentMale1842Anderson, Dorset 
James VincentMale1881Tarrant Hinton, Dorset 
Jane VincentFemale1883Mapperton, Dorset 
Joseph VincentMale1889Marnhull, Dorset 
Kate VincentFemale1851Bere Regis, Dorset 
Mary A VincentFemale1881Winterborne, Dorset 
Matthew VincentMale1846Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Maud VincentFemale1879Stalbridge, Dorset 
Montague S. VincentMale1893Boscombe, Hampshire 
Norah VincentFemale1878Winterborne Zelstone, Dorset