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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Daisy VallanceFemale1893Pallington, Dorset 
Edwin VallanceMale1838Broadway, Dorset 
Ethel VallanceFemale1893Chesilborne, Dorset 
Florence M. VallanceFemale1898Pallington, Dorset 
Frederick VallanceMale1870Pallington, Dorset 
Frederick VallanceMale1898Pallington, Dorset 
Hilda VallanceFemale1891Pallington, Dorset 
John G. VallanceMale1871Isle Purbeck, Dorset 
John J. VallanceMale1895Wareham, Dorset 
Lillie VallanceFemale1895Pallington, Dorset 
Sydney VallanceMale1900Aller, Dorset