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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Annie TownsendFemale1882Chetnole, Dorset 
Charles TownsendMale1857Chetnole, Dorset 
Charles TownsendMale1888Chetnole, Dorset 
Edith TownsendFemale1891Chetnole, Dorset 
Elizabeth TownsendFemale1891Chetnole, Dorset 
Ellen TownsendFemale1881Ashburton, Devon 
Frederick TownsendMale1894 
George TownsendMale1843Wells, Somerset 
George TownsendMale1886Chetnole, Dorset 
Harry TownsendMale1878Chetnole, Dorset 
Lily TownsendFemale1889Chetnole, Dorset 
Margaret TownsendFemale1884Chetnole, Dorset 
Mary A. TownsendFemale1849Wells, Somerset 
Samuel TownsendMale1873Chetnole, Dorset 
Susan TownsendFemale1880Chetnole, Dorset 
William TownsendMale1877Leigh, Dorset