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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Margaret Doris Gathorne-HardyFemale  
Frederick J. SilverthorneMale1895Lymington, Hampshire 
Henry J. SilverthorneMale1862Cann St Rumbles, Dorset 
Henry J. SilverthorneMale1894Lymington, Hampshire 
John SilverthorneMale1815Fifehead Magdalen, Dorset 
Adelaide E. A. ThorneFemale1889Longburton, Dorset 
Archebald ThorneMale1893Sandel Heath, Hampshire 
Beatrice ThorneFemale1876Stoke Wake, Dorset 
Beatrice ThorneFemale1892Alderholt, Dorset 
Charles ThorneMale1847Hilton, Dorset 
Charles ThorneMale1891Sandel Heath, Hampshire 
Daisy K. ThorneFemale1897Alderholt, Dorset 
Dasie ThorneFemale1899Crandell, Alderholt, Dorset 
Dorathy ThorneFemale1895Sandel Heath, Hampshire 
Dorothy May ThorneFemale1899Alderholt, Dorset 
Edwin ThorneMale1893Alderholt, Dorset 
Eli ThorneMale1867Buckland Newton, Dorset 
Elizabeth ThorneFemale1867Cranborne, Dorset 
Elsie ThorneFemale1895Hilton, Dorset 
Emma Fanny ThorneFemale1886Alderholt, Dorset 
Eva ThorneFemale1880Marnhull, Dorset 
Fanny ThorneFemale1887Hilton, Dorset 
Frank ThorneMale1869Cranborne, Dorset 
Harry ThorneMale1877nk, Derbyshire 
James ThorneMale1859Crandell, Alderholt, Dorset