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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alfred SmythMale1881Parracombe, Devon 
Arthur SmythMale1852Parracombe, Devon 
Beatrice M SmythFemale1888Kentisbury, Devon 
Charles G SmythMale1880Parracombe, Devon 
Charles H SmythMale1878Challacombe, Devon 
Charles S SmythMale1866Stoke Rivers, Devon 
Dorothy SmythFemale  
Edith Gertrude SmythFemale1889Parracombe, Devon 
Edward SmythMale1835Challacombe, Devon 
Eliza SmythFemale1847Parracombe, Devon 
Eliza SmythFemale1894Parracombe, Devon 
Elizabeth H SmythFemale1876Parracombe, Devon 
Ernest SmythMale1883Parracombe, Devon 
Ethel H SmythFemale1884Parracombe, Devon 
Florence Bertha SmythFemale1896Parracombe, Devon 
Frank SmythMale1895Parracombe, Devon 
George H SmythMale1882Parracombe, Devon 
Harriet M SmythFemale1886Parracombe, Devon 
Henry SmythMale1848Parracombe, Devon 
Henry SmythMale1877Parracombe, Devon 
John SmythMale1854Parracombe, Devon 
John SmythMale1879Parracombe, Devon 
John SmythMale1887Parracombe, Devon 
Maria SmythFemale1852Parracombe, Devon 
Mary SmythFemale1892Parracombe, Devon