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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Christopher ArrowsmithMale1871Channel Isles, Jersey 
Abel SmithMale1847Frome Vauchurch, Dorset 
Ada M SmithFemale1883Bruton, Somerset 
Albert SmithMale1864Almer, Dorset 
Amelia M. SmithFemale1870Bryanstone, Dorset 
Annie SmithFemale1891 
Annie F. SmithFemale1864Marnhull, Dorset 
Arthur C. SmithMale1893West Monkton, Somerset 
Bessie SmithFemale1885Fordington, Dorset 
Carita G. SmithFemale1894 
Charles SmithMale1890Whitchurch, Dorset 
Charles Israel SmithMale1868Almer, Dorset 
Clare SmithFemale1898Pimperne, Dorset 
Dora SmithFemale1898Blandford St Mary, Dorset 
Edith SmithFemale1885Dorset, Whitchurch 
Edith Lilian SmithFemale1895Almer, Dorset 
Eliza SmithFemale1856Famborough, Warwickshire 
Elizabeth SmithFemale1873Weston, Dorset 
Ella G. SmithFemale1870Pimperne, Dorset 
Ellen SmithFemale1890Huish Almer, Dorset 
Emily Anna SmithFemale  
Emmeline SmithFemale1871Portland, Dorset 
Ernest SmithMale1852Broome, Norfolk 
Ernest SmithMale1888Huish Almer, Dorset 
Ernest SmithMale1897Whitchurch, Dorset