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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Abel Chapman SimpsonMale1864Whitby, Yorkshire1901
Ann SimpsonFemale1829Whitby, Yorkshire1913
Ann SimpsonFemale1847Whitby, Yorkshire 
Dorothy SimpsonFemale  
Edmund Lotherington SimpsonMale  
Elizabeth SimpsonFemale  
Elizabeth SimpsonFemale1848Whitby, Yorkshire 
Elizabeth Broderick SimpsonFemale1825Whitby, Yorkshire 
Hannah SimpsonFemale  
Hannah SimpsonFemale1827Whitby, Yorkshire 
Henry SimpsonMale  
Henry SimpsonMale1817Whitby, Yorkshire1893
Henry SimpsonMale1849Whitby, Yorkshire 
John Chapman SimpsonMale1852Whitby, Yorkshire1893
Louisa Agnes SimpsonFemale  
Mary SimpsonFemale1862Whitby, Yorkshire 
Stephen SimpsonMale1881Ruswarp, Yorkshire 
Thomas Simpson, Esq.Male  
Thomas SimpsonMale1794Fryber, Yorkshire 
Thomas Henry SimpsonMale1875Whitby, Yorkshire 
Thomas Wakefield SimpsonMale1850Whitby, Yorkshire1908
Wakefield SimpsonMale