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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Ada RowlandFemale1898Spetisbury, Dorset 
Alice RowlandFemale1882Marnhull, Dorset 
Amy RowlandFemale1895Spetisbury, Dorset 
Edwin RowlandMale1841Hinton St Mary, Dorset 
Edwin RowlandMale1881Gussage St Michael, Dorset 
Ethel RowlandFemale1884Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
Gladys RowlandFemale1895Marnhull, Dorset 
Harry RowlandMale1873Hinton St Mary, Dorset 
Ida May RowlandFemale1894Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
Ivor RowlandMale1896Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
James Rose RowlandMale1874Sturminster, Dorset 
John RowlandMale1856Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
Joseph RowlandMale1867Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
Lilian RowlandFemale1879Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
Margaret Elizabeth RowlandFemale1901Stalbridge, Dorset 
Margery RowlandFemale1898Spetisbury, Dorset 
Marwood RowlandMale1866Marnhull, Dorset 
Matthias RowlandMale1866Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
Matthias RowlandMale1892Sturminster Newton, Dorset 
Oscar RowlandMale1899Hinton St Mary, Dorset 
Percy RowlandMale1888Marnhull, Dorset 
Percy John RowlandMale1898Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
Violet RowlandFemale1892Sussex, Bentley Wood