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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
John CrowdenMale1821 
Sarah Jane CrowdenFemale1863 
Thomas CrowdenMale1820 
Alice M M RowdenFemale1885Holton, Somerset 
Cecil RowdenMale1899Horsington, Somerset 
Edgar RowdenMale1864Horsington, Somerset 
Edwin RowdenMale1857Holton, Somerset 
Edwin P RowdenMale1897North Cheriton, Somerset 
Elsie E RowdenFemale1895North Cheriton, Somerset 
Esma RowdenFemale1893Horsington, Somerset 
Gwendoline RowdenFemale1897Horsington, Somerset 
Harry RowdenMale1856Holton, Somerset 
Harry RowdenMale1867Horsington, Somerset 
Hilda RowdenFemale1893Horsington, Somerset 
Leslie RowdenMale1895Horsington, Somerset 
Mansel RowdenMale1892Horsington, Somerset 
Reginald RowdenMale1900Horsington, Somerset 
Richard RowdenMale1820Whiteparish, Wiltshire 
Thomas G RowdenMale1887Holton, Somerset 
Wilfred W RowdenMale1897Horsington, Somerset 
William RowdenMale1851Holton, Somerset 
William RowdenMale1868Horsington, Somerset