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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Ada M. RideoutFemale1884Ashmore, Dorset 
Agustus F. RideoutMale1884Twyford, Dorset 
Alfred RideoutMale1856Ashmore, Dorset 
Arthur RideoutMale1891Compton Abbas, Dorset 
Beatrice RideoutFemale1878Compton Abbas, Dorset 
Charles RideoutMale1827Compton Abbas, Dorset 
Clara RideoutFemale1891Ashmore, Dorset 
Emily C. RideoutFemale1889Twyford, Dorset 
Emma RideoutFemale1868Compton Abbas, Dorset 
Ephraim RideoutMale1850Ashmore, Dorset 
Ernest RideoutMale1896Compton Abbas, Dorset 
Ethel RideoutFemale1893Compton Abbas, Dorset 
Eva RideoutFemale1898Ashmore, Dorset 
Flora RideoutFemale1895Ashmore, Dorset 
Frank RideoutMale1870Compton Abbas, Dorset 
Frank RideoutMale1874Compton Abbas, Dorset 
Frederick RideoutMale1853Ashmore, Dorset 
George RideoutMale1874Ashmore, Dorset 
Harry RideoutMale1886Ashmore, Dorset 
Henry RideoutMale1825Compton Abbas, Dorset 
Henry J. RideoutMale1840Twyford, Dorset 
Herbert RideoutMale1887Compton Abbas, Dorset 
Herbert RideoutMale1887Ashmore, Dorset 
Isaac RideoutMale1835Ashmore, Dorset 
James RideoutMale1891Ashmore, Dorset