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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Louisa PriddleFemale1874Arreton, I.O.W. 
Alice M RiddFemale1898Challacombe, Devon 
Ambrose RiddMale1802Challacombe, Devon 
Charles E RiddMale1900Challacombe, Devon 
Charles H RiddMale1891Challacombe, Devon 
Douglas RiddMale1890Challacombe, Devon 
Edith A RiddFemale1899Challacombe, Devon 
Edith S RiddFemale1899Challacombe, Devon 
Ellen RiddFemale1893Challacombe, Devon 
Florence RiddFemale1891Challacombe, Devon 
Florence A RiddFemale1893Challacombe, Devon 
Frederick RiddMale1898Challacombe, Devon 
George RiddMale1883Challacombe, Devon 
George P RiddMale1897Challacombe, Devon 
Georgina M RiddFemale1863Swansea, Glamorgan 
Georgina M RiddFemale1889Challacombe, Devon 
Grace RiddFemale1828Bratton Fleming, Devon 
Humphrey RiddMale1837Challacombe, Devon 
Humphrey RiddMale1864Challacombe, Devon 
John RiddMale1882Challacombe, Devon 
John RiddMale1889Challacombe, Devon 
Louisa RiddFemale1885Challacombe, Devon 
Richard RiddMale1873Lynton, Devon 
Richard C RiddMale1876Challacombe, Devon 
Susan RiddFemale1837High Bray, Devon