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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Agatha ReynoldsFemale 1840
Annie ReynoldsFemale1873 
Beatrice ReynoldsFemale1887Heytesbury, Wiltshire 
Caroline Yate ReynoldsFemale1841Warrington, Lancashire 
Elizabeth M ReynoldsFemale1871 
Elizabeth R ReynoldsFemale1885Heytesbury, Wiltshire 
Emily ReynoldsFemale1896Heytesbury, Wiltshire 
Florence ReynoldsFemale1884Knook, Wiltshire 
Frederick ReynoldsMale1894Heytesbury, Wiltshire 
Geo R ReynoldsMale1835 
Geo W ReynoldsMale1875 
Jacob Foster ReynoldsMale  
John J ReynoldsMale1878 
John T. ReynoldsMale1858Northampton, Northamptonshire 
Rose ReynoldsFemale1870Heytesbury, Wiltshire 
Thomas ReynoldsMale1854Heytesbury, Wiltshire 
William ReynoldsMale1891Heytesbury, Wiltshire 
Winifred Maria ReynoldsFemale 1915