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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Annie RendellFemale1881Benville, Dorset 
Beatrice RendellFemale1888Preston, Somerset 
Bertram RendellMale1886Waytown, Dorset 
Charles RendellMale1896Mintern, Dorset 
Emma J RendellFemale1890Leigh, Dorset 
Frances Lily RendellFemale1882Hook, Dorset 
George RendellMale1860Dottery, Dorset 
Jane RendellFemale1863South Perrott, Dorset 
John RendellMale1834South Perrott, Dorset 
Maud RendellFemale1894Mintern, Dorset 
May RendellFemale1899Benville, Dorset 
Olive RendellFemale1892Blackford, Somerset 
Samuel RendellMale1838Rampisham, Dorset 
Tom RendellMale1885Benville, Dorset