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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Agnes RaymondFemale1885Horsington, Somerset 
Arthur R RaymondMale1877Horsington, Somerset 
Bertha RaymondFemale1893Holton, Somerset 
Cornelius RaymondMale1817Tarrant Keynstone, Dorset 
Edith RaymondFemale1882Horsington, Somerset 
Eliza RaymondFemale1876Horsington, Somerset 
Fanny RaymondFemale1883South Cheriton, Somerset 
Frank D. RaymondMale1864Milborne Port, Somerset 
Hubert RaymondMale1889Horsington, Somerset 
James RaymondMale1852Horsington, Somerset 
John RaymondMale1849Horsington, Somerset 
John RaymondMale1890Holton, Somerset 
Leonard RaymondMale1893Stowell, Somerset 
Phillis RaymondFemale1894Stowell, Somerset 
Sylvanus F. RaymondMale1890Milborne Port, Somerset 
Thomas RaymondMale1850Wiltshire, Tollard Royal 
Wilfrid RaymondMale1899Stowell, Somerset