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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Agnes Annie RalphFemale1859Bagber, Dorset 
Alfred Charles RalphMale1854Bagber, Dorset 
Alice RalphFemale1805Margaret Marsh, Dorset1882
Ann Lilly RalphFemale  
Annie RalphFemale1868Stalbridge, Dorset 
Annie RalphFemale1873Stour Provost, Dorset 
Annie RalphFemale1876Parracombe, Devon 
Annie RalphFemale1892Kington Magna, Dorset 
Arthur Charles RalphMale1882Parracombe, Devon 
Bessie Mary RalphFemale1864Bagber, Dorset 
Caroline D. RalphFemale1889Frome, Somerset 
Charles RalphMale1821Kington Magna, Dorset1891
Daisy RalphFemale1897Parracombe, Devon 
Doris H. RalphFemale1900Kington Magna, Dorset 
Edward RalphMale1804Stalbridge, Dorset 
Elsie RalphFemale1895Kington Magna, Dorset 
Elsie May RalphFemale1893Caundle Bishop, Dorset 
Emma RalphFemale1877Henstridge, Somerset 
Ernest RalphMale1898Parracombe, Devon 
Frederick G RalphMale1878Parracombe, Devon 
Georgina RalphFemale1866Stalbridge, Dorset 
Henrietta D. RalphFemale1872Christchurch, Hampshire 
Hilda M. RalphFemale1898Kington Magna, Dorset 
Hubert J. RalphMale1893Kington Magna, Dorset 
Ivor F. RalphMale1882Stour Provost, Dorset