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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Betty Alice Adeline ProbyFemale1899 
Claud ProbyMale  
Claud Richard ProbyMale18851901
Douglas James ProbyMale1856 
Elizabeth Emma ProbyFemale 1900
Granville ProbyMale1883 
Granville Leveson Proby, 3rd Earl of CarysfortMale1781 
Jocelyn Campbell Patrick ProbyMale1900 
Margaret ProbyFemale  
Mary ProbyFemale  
Patience ProbyFemale  
Peter ProbyMale  
Richard ProbyMale  
Richard George Proby, M.C.Male1886 
Edmund ProbynMale  
Ellen ProbynFemale1867Warminster, Wiltshire 
Hubert Edmund Hamilton ProbynMale1871Florence, Italy1947
John Webb ProbynMale1828Longhope, Gloucestershire1915
Wilfrid Julian Noel ProbynMale1872St Leonards, Sussex1930