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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alfred Plumer Ward PhelipsMale1832 
Anne PhelipsFemale  
Arthur Robert PhelipsMale1842 
Caroline Mary PhelipsFemale1829Hunsdon, Hertfordshire 
Charles PhelipsMale1765 
Charles PhelipsMale1794Wincanton, Somerset1869
Charles Henry Phelips, H.E.I.C.S.Male1799 
Charles James PhelipsMale1821 
Edith Ellen PhelipsFemale  
Edward PhelipsMale 1815
Edward PhelipsMale17251797
Edward PhelipsMale17531792
Edward PhelipsMale1789 
Edward Blathwayt PhelipsMale18221839
Elizabeth PhelipsFemale  
Frances Emma PhelipsFemale1826Briggins Park, Ware, Hertfordshire 
George Blackmore PhelipsMale18241850
Henry Plantagenet Prescott Phelips, R.A.Male1831 
John Phelips, R.N.Male17561780
John Phelips, Esq.Male17841834
Marjorie Cicely PhelipsFemale  
Mary Ann PhelipsFemale  
Richard Phelips, R.A.Male  
Richard Colston PhelipsMale18001862
Robert PhelipsMale17911855