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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alfred L. PearceMale1899Bournemouth, Hampshire 
Arthur PearceMale1879Sherborne, Dorset 
Clara M.J. PearceFemale1873Portsmouth, Hampshire 
Elizabeth PearceFemale18651897
Harry S. PearceMale1885Norton, Wiltshire 
Ida A. PearceFemale1897Bournemouth, Hampshire 
Isaac PearceMale  
John PearceMale1849Westbury, Wiltshire 
Stephen PearceMale1854Thornford, Dorset 
Susannah Axe PearceFemale1840Bradpole, Dorset 
Lucy PearceyFemale1884Silverton, Devon 
Robert PearceyMale1833Affpiddle, Dorset