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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Annie E.A. ParkerFemale1899Milborne, Dorset 
Arthur E. ParkerMale1893Rogers Hill, Dorset 
Caroline Sarah ParkerFemale1808Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham1897
Charles S. ParkerMale1895Chidiock, Dorset 
Elizabeth Mary ParkerFemale1862 
George ParkerMale1900Broadwinsor, Dorset 
Henry W. ParkerMale1859Frome St. Quentin, Dorset 
Lionel W.S. ParkerMale1900Briantspiddle, Dorset 
Percy ParkerMale1899Mosterton, Dorset 
Phillis C.S. ParkerFemale1897Yeovil, Somerset 
Richard D. ParkerMale1846Wool, Dorset 
Samuel ParkerMale1880Bridport, Dorset 
Samuel Walker Parker, Esq.Male  
Sarah ParkerFemale1881 
Sarah J. ParkerFemale1886Briantspiddle, Dorset 
Sybil A.S. ParkerFemale1898Bradpole, Dorset 
Thomas ParkerMale1859Heytesbury, Wiltshire 
Vincent ParkerMale1861Fordingbridge, Hampshire 
Walter J. ParkerMale1881Briantspiddle, Dorset 
Amy Parker-JervisFemale18671906
Annie Theodora Parker-JervisFemale1868 
Edward John Parker-JervisMale1839Worcester, Worcestershire1868
Edward St. Vincent Parker-JervisMale1863Aston-by-Stone, Staffordshire1941
Edward Swynfen Parker-JervisMale1815Stone, Staffordshire1896
Gertrude Mary Parker-JervisFemale1865