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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Albert MorganMale1868Horton Wimbourne, Dorset 
Alice M. MorganFemale1875Pembury, Kent 
Ann MorganMale1858Mere, Wiltshire 
Anne MorganFemale1885Mannington, Dorset 
Annie MorganFemale1873Mere, Wiltshire 
Annie MorganFemale1890Mere, Wiltshire 
Arthur S MorganMale1899Corton, Wiltshire 
Charles MorganMale  
Charles MorganMale1840Mere, Wiltshire 
Charles MorganMale1888Mere, Wiltshire 
Charlotte MorganFemale1896 
Charlotte MorganFemale1897Mere, Wiltshire 
Clarence B MorganMale1885Mere, Wiltshire 
Edward MorganMale1862Mere, Wiltshire 
Edward MorganMale1894Mere, Wiltshire 
Eli MorganMale1841Mere, Wiltshire 
Ellen MorganFemale1886Mere, Wiltshire 
Ellen MorganFemale1891Mere, Wiltshire 
Ellen MorganFemale1900Mere, Wiltshire 
Elsie MorganFemale1890Mere, Wiltshire 
Elsie MorganFemale1896Mere, Wiltshire 
Emily J. MorganFemale1885Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire 
Erdgas MorganMale1887Mere, Wiltshire 
Eva M. MorganFemale1898Mere, Wiltshire 
Flora Ellen MorganFemale1863Tisbury, Wiltshire