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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alfred MoorsMale1896Wimborne St Giles, Dorset 
Arthur MoorsMale1866Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
Arthur MoorsMale1878Blandford, Dorset 
Beatrice MoorsFemale1898Tarrant Keynston, Dorset 
Charles MoorsMale1885Blandford, Dorset 
Charles MoorsMale1899Wimborne St Giles, Dorset 
Emily MoorsFemale1875Salisbury, Wiltshire 
Emily MoorsFemale1900Blandford, Dorset 
George MoorsMale1839Hilton, Dorset 
George MoorsMale1869Milborne St Andrew, Dorset 
James MoorsMale1888Blandford, Dorset 
John MoorsMale1900Langton Long Blandford, Dorset 
Sarah MoorsFemale1841Mere, Wiltshire 
Alfred MoorseMale1870Horsington, Somerset 
Anna L E MoorseFemale1877Stowell, Somerset 
Beatrice M MoorseFemale1883Stowell, Somerset 
Henry MoorseMale1839Stowell, Somerset 
Jack MoorseMale1895 
John MoorseMale1822Horsington, Somerset 
May MoorseFemale1882Henstridge, Somerset 
Norah E MoorseFemale1900Horsington, Somerset 
Sarah MoorseFemale1863Bromham, Wiltshire 
Sidney MoorseMale1898Horsington, Somerset 
Tom MoorseMale1862Horsington, Somerset 
William MoorseMale1827Horsington, Somerset