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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Albert Reginald MoggMale1888Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset 
Archibald MoggMale1899Lydlinch, Dorset 
Beatrice MoggFemale1884Lydlinch, Dorset 
Bertha Lilian MoggFemale1900Stock Gaylard, Dorset 
Bertha Mary MoggFemale1876Marnhull, Dorset 
Bertie W.S. MoggMale1890Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset 
Bessie MoggFemale1893Stalbridge, Dorset 
Cecil Gladstone MoggMale1898Stalbridge, Dorset 
Cecil Herbert MoggMale1899Lydlinch, Dorset 
Charles MoggMale1854Holwell, Somerset 
Charles MoggMale1854Lydlinch, Dorset 
Charles MoggMale1874Lydlinch, Dorset 
Charlotte MoggFemale1831Stalbridge, Dorset 
Claude MoggMale1895Stalbridge, Dorset 
Dorothy Kate MoggFemale1892Stalbridge, Dorset 
Dorothy Maud MoggFemale1900Lydlinch, Dorset 
Edith MoggFemale1882Croydon, Surrey 
Edith Mabel MoggFemale1900Lydlinch, Dorset 
Edward MoggMale1881Fordingbridge, Hampshire 
Edwin MoggMale1889Lydlinch, Dorset 
Eli MoggMale1864Lydlinch, Dorset 
Eliza MoggFemale1841Stalbridge, Dorset 
Elizabeth MoggFemale1806Stalbridge, Dorset 
Elizabeth MoggFemale1837Stalbridge, Dorset1892
Elsie Kate MoggFemale1893Stalbridge, Dorset