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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Agnes MinternFemale1885Corscombe, Dorset 
Alan MinternMale1892Corscombe, Dorset 
Albert T MinternMale1877Milborne Port, Somerset 
Evelyn MinternFemale1890Corscombe, Dorset 
Florence MinternFemale1884Corscombe, Dorset 
Francis MinternMale1895Corscombe, Dorset 
Frederick William MinternMale1870Toller, Dorset 
Gertrude MinternFemale1888Corscombe, Dorset 
Job MinternMale1858Corscombe, Dorset 
Morris MinternMale1882Corscombe, Dorset 
William B MinternMale1812Hooke, Dorset