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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Juliana MillFemale 1787
John MillarMale 1875
William MillardMale1855B. Sholpard on Avon, Wiltshire 
Albert V MillerMale1898Folke, Dorset 
Alise L. MillerFemale1879South Norwood, Surrey 
Ann MillerFemale1861Melbury Osmond, Dorset 
Annie MillerFemale1889Corton Denham, Somerset 
Benjamin MillerMale1875Holwell, Dorset 
Bessie MillerFemale1887Westminster, London 
Edward MillerMale1874Melbury Osmond, Dorset 
Eva M MillerFemale1894Corton Denham, Somerset 
Florence MillerFemale1886Anderson, Dorset 
Frances MillerFemale1879Corton Denham, Dorset 
Frances MillerFemale1891Houghton, Dorset 
Fred MillerMale1880Houghton, Dorset 
Fred J MillerMale1883Corton Denham, Somerset 
Harry MillerMale1879Ibberton, Dorset 
Henry MillerMale1843Melbury Osmond, Dorset 
James MillerMale1858Pannington 
James MillerMale1883Stickland, Dorset 
Lloyd MillerMale1883Lychett Matravers, Dorset 
Louisa MillerFemale1869Holwell, Dorset 
Maria MillerFemale  
Mary MillerFemale  
Mary M MillerFemale1882Bushey, Hertfordshire