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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Agnes McLaren, M.D.Female 1913
Anne Laura Dorinthea McLarenFemale  
Charles Benjamin Bright McLaren, 1st Baron AberconwayMale1850 
Charles Melville McLaren, 3rd Baron AberconwayMale  
Duncan McLarenMale18061886
Duncan McLarenMale1840 
Duncan Bright McLarenMale1874 
Elizabeth Mary McLarenFemale  
Elsie Dorothea McLarenFemale  
Esther Joanna Marie McLarenFemale  
Florence Priscilla McLarenFemale  
Francis Walter Stafford McLarenMale18861917
Grant McLarenFemale  
Guy Lewis Ian McLarenMale  
Helen Priscilla McLarenFemale1851 
Henry Duncan McLaren, 2nd Baron AberconwayMale18791953
John McLarenMale  
John McLarenMale18311910
John Francis McLarenMale  
Katherine McLarenFemale 1966
Katherine McLarenFemale 1869
Ludovic McLarenMale18771898
Martin John McLarenMale  
Ottilie Helen McLarenFemale  
Walter Stowe Bright McLarenMale18531912