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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Albert J MasonMale1890Horsington, Somerset 
Alice MasonFemale1869Middleham, Yorkshire 
Beatrice MasonFemale1895Horsington, Somerset 
Ellen MasonFemale1888Horsington, Somerset 
Elsie May MasonFemale1901Horsington, Somerset 
Florence E MasonFemale1886Horsington, Somerset 
George MasonMale1861Horsington, Somerset 
Harry E MasonMale1893Horsington, Somerset 
James MasonMale1861Horsington, Somerset 
John MasonMale1851Horsington, Somerset 
Mabel K MasonFemale1895Horsington, Somerset 
Mabel Kate MasonFemale1899Horsington, Somerset 
Minnie MasonFemale1892Horsington, Somerset 
Richard MasonMale1870Middleham, Yorkshire 
Robert F MasonMale1897Horsington, Somerset 
Rose E MasonFemale1897Horsington, Somerset 
Thomas G MasonMale1871Middleham, Yorkshire 
William J MasonMale1885Horsington, Somerset