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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Albert MartinMale1883Dorchester, Dorset 
Albert James MartinMale1881Salway Ash, Dorset 
Alfred F MartinFemale1895Lambeth, London 
Alice MartinFemale  
Alice MartinFemale1881Sandford Orcas, Dorset 
Alice Alexandra MartinFemale1880Tarrant Keynstone, Dorset 
Annie Blanche MartinFemale18541886
Charles MartinMale1833Horsington, Somerset 
Charles MartinMale1869Charlton Musgrove, Somerset 
Charles MartinMale1890N.K., London 
Douglas MartinMale1882Gillingham, Dorset 
Edith Susanna MartinFemale1883Perry Barr, Staffordshire 
Frederick James MartinMale1845Wondron, Cornwall 
Frederick William MartinMale1890Perry Barr, Staffordshire 
George A MartinFemale1898Lambeth, London 
Ida MartinFemale1882St Pancras, London 
Kalum H. MartinMale1891Wimborne, Dorset 
Lillie MartinFemale1886Hinton St Mary, Dorset 
Mary MartinFemale  
Millie MartinMale1892Almer, Dorset 
Peter MartinMale  
Sidney Ernest MartinMale1892Birmingham, Warwickshire 
Thomas MartinMale1857 
Thomas MartinMale1892N.K., London 
Thomas MartinMale1900Sholing, Hampshire