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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Ada MarshallFemale1879Kingston Deverill, Somerset 
Albert MarshallMale1864Kingston Deverill, Wiltshire 
Annabel Florence MarshallFemale1871Mayfair, London1951
Annie MarshallFemale1886London, Middlesex 
Arthur MarshallMale1813New Grange, Yorkshire 
Blanche MarshallFemale1879Wilbaston, Leicestershire 
Catherine Alice MarshallFemale  
Cecily Mary MarshallFemale1872Adel, Yorkshire 
Constance Eleanor MarshallFemale 1853
Cordelia MarshallFemale  
Dorothy MarshallFemale1900Mere, Wiltshire 
Dorothy B L MarshallFemale1869Mayfair, London 
Ellen MarshallFemale  
Evelyn Adela MarshallFemale1874Adel, Yorkshire1954
Fitzroy Dykes MarshallMale1869Adel, Yorkshire 
Frances Ann MarshallFemale1870Mayfair, London 
Frank MarshallMale1878Filmington, Dorset 
Frederick MarshallMale1881Southampton, Hampshire 
Helen Blanche MarshallFemale1866Adel, Yorkshire 
Henry Cowper MarshallMale1808 
Herbert John MarshallMale  
James Aubrey Garth MarshallMale1844 
James Garth MarshallMale1802 
Jane Dorothea MarshallFemale  
Janet Mary MarshallFemale