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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Albert R. MaidmentMale1857Mere, Wiltshire 
Angelina MaidmentFemale1839Cann, Dorset 
Annie D. MaidmentFemale1897Melbury, Dorset 
Beatrice MaidmentFemale1890Gussage St Michael, Dorset 
Beatrice MaidmentFemale1899Mere, Wiltshire 
Bessie MaidmentFemale1898Mere, Wiltshire 
Bessie C MaidmentFemale1874 
Bessie M. MaidmentFemale1892Mere, Wiltshire 
Cecil MaidmentMale1893Gussage St Michael, Dorset 
Dorathy L. MaidmentFemale1896Mere, Wiltshire 
Edith MaidmentFemale1886Mere, Wiltshire 
Edward MaidmentMale1839 
Edward MaidmentMale1872East Stour, Dorset 
Edwin MaidmentMale1846Mere, Wiltshire 
Elizabeth MaidmentFemale1846Tarrant Rushton, Dorset 
Elizabeth MaidmentFemale1850Mere, Wiltshire 
Elizabeth MaidmentFemale1861Gillingham, Dorset 
Emanuel MaidmentMale1825Stour Provost, Dorset 
Emily MaidmentFemale1868Enmore Green, Dorset 
Emma MaidmentFemale1859Blandford, Dorset 
Emma MaidmentFemale1884Mere, Wiltshire 
Ernest MaidmentMale1884Berwick St John, Wiltshire 
Florence MaidmentFemale1880Blandford, Dorset 
Florence C. MaidmentFemale1888Mere, Wiltshire 
Gertrude M. MaidmentFemale1900Mere, Wiltshire