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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alfred LangMale1891Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Gertrude R. LangFemale1899Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Henry LangMale1895Parracombe, Devon 
James LangMale1865Brendon, Devon 
John LangMale1870Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Kate LangMale1866Crookham, Hampshire 
Mary LangFemale1897Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Reginald LangMale1896Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Uriah LangMale1821Barrington, Somerset 
William LangMale1894Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
William E. LangMale1865Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Charles LangdonMale1851 
John LangdonMale1891Marylebone, London 
Tom LangdonMale1894Marylebone, London 
Alice Maud LangfordFemale1880Coombe Keynes, Dorset 
Annie LangfordFemale1887Longbredy, Dorset 
Edwin LangfordMale1860Puncknowle, Dorset 
Ethel LangfordFemale1886Longbredy, Dorset 
George LangfordMale1861Burton Green, Hampshire 
Gilbert Charles LangfordMale1884Donyadd, Ilminster, Ilminster 
Rose LangfordFemale1860Puncknowle, Dorset 
William James LangfordMale1877Donyadd, Ilminster, Ilminster 
Fredk Wm LangleyMale1874 
Harry LangleyMale1877Ashmore, Dorset 
Agatha Maria Sophia LangstonFemale