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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Albert BlakeMale1891Henstridge, Somerset 
Amy C. BlakeFemale1886Redlynch, Wiltshire 
Bertram BlakeMale1893Child Okeford, Dorset 
Charles BlakeMale1856Ibberton, Dorset 
Clara BlakeFemale1883Gussage St Michael, Dorset 
Edith BlakeFemale  
Edith BlakeFemale1887Stalbridge, Dorset 
Edward J. BlakeMale1869Marchwood, Hampshire 
Elizabeth BlakeFemale1891Stalbridge, Dorset 
Frances BlakeFemale1885Upton Lovell, Wiltshire 
Frank BlakeMale1895Child Okeford, Dorset 
George BlakeMale1869Bishopstone, Wiltshire 
Hannah E. BlakeFemale1863Sturminster Marshall, Dorset 
Harry BlakeMale1860Stalbridge, Dorset 
Harry BlakeMale1898Standley Wick, Wiltshire 
Hubert BlakeMale1889Henstridge, Somerset 
John BlakeMale1822Sturminster Marshall, Dorset 
John BlakeMale1879Stalbridge, Dorset 
Kate BlakeFemale1891Stalbridge, Dorset 
Lilian M. BlakeFemale1899Stalbridge, Dorset 
Mabel BlakeFemale1900Tarrant Gunville, Dorset 
Mary J. BlakeFemale1886Stalbridge, Dorset 
May BlakeFemale1891Child Okeford, Dorset 
Priscilla BlakeFemale1883Henstridge, Somerset 
Walter BlakeMale1885Sturminster Marshall, Dorset