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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Albert JoyceMale1884Spetisbury, Dorset 
Albert JoyceMale1887Charlton Marshall, Dorset 
Annie JoyceFemale1888 
Augustus JoyceMale1857Winterborne Houghton, Dorset 
Edith JoyceFemale1883Spetisbury, Dorset 
Eliza JoyceFemale1840Winterborne Houghton, Dorset 
Eliza J JoyceFemale1885Winterborne Zelstone, Dorset 
Elizabeth JoyceFemale1816Winterborne Houghton, Dorset 
Elizabeth JoyceFemale1893Blandford St Mary, Dorset 
Eveline JoyceFemale1896Blandford St Mary, Dorset 
Fredk JoyceMale1885Spetisbury, Dorset 
George JoyceMale1855 
George JoyceMale1860West Morden, Dorset 
George A JoyceMale1891Winterborne Houghton, Dorset 
Harriet JoyceFemale1892Tarrant Gunville, Dorset 
Jonathan JoyceMale  
Mabel L JoyceFemale1889Winterborne Houghton, Dorset 
Margaret JoyceFemale1894Tarrant Gunville, Dorset 
Thomas JoyceMale1812Winterborne Houghton, Dorset 
unknown JoyceFemale  
Walter JoyceMale1861Verwood, Dorset 
William JoyceMale1879 
William JoyceMale1890Charlton Marshall, Dorset