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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Annie Maud JolliffeFemale1890 
Arthur JolliffeMale1847Leigh, Dorset 
Dorothy JolliffeFemale1893Leigh, Dorset 
Edmund J. JolliffeMale1896Leigh, Dorset 
Edwin JolliffeMale1875Leigh, Dorset 
Ellen JolliffeFemale1886Yetminster, Dorset 
Frederick JolliffeMale1884Yetminster, Dorset 
Harry JolliffeMale1882Yetminster, Dorset 
James JolliffeMale1876Thornford, Dorset 
Marguelite JolliffeFemale1898Leigh, Dorset 
Mary JolliffeFemale1877North Wootton, Dorset 
Minnie W JolliffeFemale1898Batcombe, Dorset 
Tom JolliffeMale1863Leigh, Dorset 
Walter JolliffeMale1867Dorset