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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Agnes Ann JeansFemale1870Stalbridge Weston, Dorset 
Albert C. JeansMale1879Stalbridge, Dorset 
Alfred J JeansMale1883Haselbury Bryan, Dorset 
Alfred John JeansMale1846Stalbridge, Dorset 
Alfred R JeansMale1848Stalbridge, Dorset 
Alice E. JeansFemale1874Langport, Somerset 
Andrew Allen JeansMale1864Stalbridge Weston, Dorset 
Ann JeansFemale1799Stalbridge, Dorset 
Annie JeansFemale1888Leigh, Dorset 
Annie Ellen JeansFemale1902Stalbridge, Dorset 
Aquila JeansMale1732Stalbridge, Dorset 
Arthur JeansMale1884Stalbridge, Dorset 
Arthur JeansMale1888Henstridge, Somerset 
Bernard R.J. JeansMale1899Yeovil, Somerset 
Bessie JeansFemale1894Stalbridge, Dorset 
Caroline Elizabeth JeansFemale1874Stalbridge, Dorset 
Charles JeansMale1889Henstridge, Somerset 
Charles JeansMale1898Parkstone, Dorset 
Christopher John JeansMale1872Stalbridge, Dorset1944
David JeansMale1772Stalbridge, Dorset 
David JeansMale1797Stalbridge, Dorset 
Dorithy JeansFemale1890Leigh, Dorset 
Dorothy JeansFemale1897Henstridge, Somerset 
Edward JeansMale  
Edward JeansMale1793Stalbridge, Dorset