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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Amos HobbsMale1830Queen Camel, Somerset 
Annie HobbsFemale1884Templecombe, Somerset 
Augusta HobbsFemale1877Henstridge, Somerset 
Bertie HobbsMale1889Henstridge, Somerset 
Berty HobbsMale1882Henstridge, Somerset 
Charles HobbsMale1892Henstridge, Somerset 
Charlotte Temperance Lancashire HobbsFemale1820North Cadbury, Somerset 
Edward Norris HobbsMale1871Purleigh, Essex 
Ellen HobbsFemale1891Street, Somerset 
Elsie June HobbsFemale1883Stalbridge, Dorset 
Frank George HobbsMale1888Stalbridge, Dorset 
Frederick HobbsMale1881Henstridge, Somerset 
George HobbsMale1842Stalbridge, Dorset 
George HobbsMale1874Stalbridge, Dorset 
Harry R. HobbsMale1883Stalbridge, Dorset 
Henry Edward HobbsMale1853Stalbridge, Dorset 
Hilda HobbsFemale1894Yenston, Somerset 
Jerimiah HobbsMale1855Templecombe, Somerset 
John HobbsMale1887Yenston, Somerset 
Kathleen M. HobbsFemale1893Stalbridge, Dorset 
Leslie Wm. HobbsMale1898Stalbridge, Dorset 
Mary HobbsFemale1881Wiltshire, Calne 
Muriel HobbsFemale1896Stalbridge, Dorset 
Percy HobbsMale1892Yenston, Somerset 
Richard HobbsMale1881Stalbridge, Dorset