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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Albert HillierMale1878Horsington, Somerset 
Arthur A HillierMale1892Christchurch, Hampshire 
Beatrice HillierFemale1887Horsington, Somerset 
Clara HillierFemale1825Bourton, Dorset 
Edgar J HillierMale1895Holton, Somerset 
Elsie May HillierFemale1893Holton, Somerset 
Emeine A HillierFemale1889Holton, Somerset 
Emma HillierFemale1864Horsington, Somerset 
Ethel M HillierFemale1899Holton, Somerset 
Harold HillierMale1896Bedminster, Somerset 
Harriet HillierFemale1874North Cheriton, Somerset 
Henry HillierMale1843Fifehead Magdalen, Dorset 
Herbert J HillierMale1892Holton, Somerset 
James HillierMale1840Horsington, Somerset 
Jane HillierFemale1868Hilton, Dorset 
John HillierMale1850Fifehead Magdalen, Dorset 
John J HillierMale1861North Cheriton, Somerset 
John R. HillierMale1883Weymouth, Dorset 
Lambert HillierMale1864Nunney, Somerset 
Matthew HillierMale1843Buckland Newton, Dorset 
Ralph HillierMale1887Christchurch, Hampshire 
Rose HillierFemale1899South Cheriton, Somerset 
Susanna HillierFemale1837Ansty, Dorset 
Thomas HillierMale1827Horsington, Somerset 
Walter HillierMale1873South Cheriton, Somerset