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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alice HigginsFemale1873Birmingham, Warwickshire 
Annie HigginsFemale1899Sturminster Marshall, Dorset 
Bertha HigginsFemale1887Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Edward HigginsMale1872Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Eliza HigginsFemale1876Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Ellen HigginsFemale1889Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
George HigginsMale1810Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Georgie HigginsFemale1876Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Harry HigginsMale1870Islington, Dorset 
Jabez HigginsMale1874Birmingham, Warwickshire 
Jacob HigginsMale1877Gloucester, Gloucestershire 
James HigginsMale1848Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Joseph HigginsMale1897Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Lionel HigginsMale1899Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Mabel HigginsFemale1883Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Maggie HigginsFemale1887Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Minnie HigginsFemale1884Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Nellie HigginsFemale1893Sturminster Marshall, Dorset 
Sarah Ann HigginsFemale1870Ryme Intrinsica, Dorset 
William HigginsMale1855Bradford Abbas, Dorset 
Willie James HigginsMale1897Sturminster Marshall, Dorset