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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Albert R. HayneMale1883Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Alfred C. HayneMale1886Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Charles W. HayneMale1833Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Clara HayneFemale1897Tatton, Dorset 
Dorothy E. HayneFemale1896Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Ethel M. HayneFemale1894Whitcombe, Dorset 
Frances M. HayneFemale1878Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Frances S. HayneFemale1888Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Frederic HayneMale1869Portisham, Dorset 
Frederic W. HayneMale1891Portisham, Dorset 
Frederick G. HayneMale1882Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Henry HayneMale1851Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Henry HayneMale1873Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Herbert E. HayneMale1891Abbotsbury, Dorset 
James HayneMale1846Abbotsbury, Dorset 
John H. HayneMale1877Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Joseph H. HayneMale1901Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Lavinia Ellen HayneFemale1875Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Walter J. HayneMale1881Abbotsbury, Dorset 
William T. HayneMale1874Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Ann HaynesFemale  
Annie HaynesFemale1881Upway, Dorset 
Annie M HaynesFemale1867Manchester, Lancashire 
Arthur HaynesMale1874Downton, Hampshire 
Arthur HaynesMale1880