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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alfred HarveyMale1842Durweston, Dorset 
Alfred HarveyMale1863Blandford, Dorset 
Anne HarveyFemale1811Finchley Manor House, Middlesex1874
Annie HarveyFemale1848Wolston, Warwickshire 
Annie HarveyFemale1879Bridport, Dorset 
Archibald Ross HarveyMale17961803
Clara HarveyFemale1886Bridport, Dorset 
Cyril F HarveyMale1894Heytesbury, Wiltshire 
Daisy M HarveyFemale1893Knighton, Dorset 
Edmund HarveyMale1821St Petersburg, Russia 
Edward Henry HarveyMale1837Tickford Abbey, Buckinghamshire 
Edwin Percy HarveyMale1874Parkstone, Dorset 
Eliza HarveyFemale1882Bridport, Dorset 
Elizabeth HarveyFemale1795St Petersburg, Russia1824
Elizabeth Maria HarveyFemale1850 
Ellen E HarveyFemale1898Beer Hackett, Dorset 
Emily HarveyFemale1868Weymouth, Dorset 
Emily Julia HarveyFemale1851Chaseley, Rugeley, Staffordshire 
Ethel Ida HarveyFemale1898Blandford, Dorset 
Florence HarveyFemale1884Bridport, Dorset 
Florence Elizabeth HarveyFemale18361842
Frances Emily HarveyFemale Weymouth, Dorset 
Frances Maria HarveyFemale St Petersburg, Russia 
Francis Edward HarveyMale1828St Petersburg, Russia1877
Frank HarveyMale1835Child Okeford, Dorset