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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
William Alexander Baillie-Hamilton, R.N.Male18031881
Gilbert de HamiltonMale  
Agnes Catherine Annabella HamiltonFemale 1907
Agnes Henrietta HamiltonFemale 1907
Albertha Frances Anne HamiltonFemale  
Alexander HamiltonMale  
Alexander HamiltonMale  
Alexander HamiltonMale  
Alexandra Phyllis HamiltonFemale18761918
Andrew HamiltonMale 1825
Andrew HamiltonMale  
Anne HamiltonFemale 1795
Anne HamiltonFemale  
Anne HamiltonFemale 1792
Anne HamiltonFemale  
Anne HamiltonFemale 1764
Anne HamiltonFemale 1680
Anthony Hamilton, Count HamiltonMale 1719
Araminta Anne HamiltonFemale1809Derry, Ireland 
Archibald HamiltonMale16731754
Arthur HamiltonMale18101836
Arthur John HamiltonMale18831914
Barbara HamiltonFemale  
Beatrix Frances HamiltonFemale 1871
Bridget HamiltonFemale 1789