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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Adelaide Ethelina GouldFemale1882Stalbridge, Dorset 
Algernon GouldMale1893Holnest, Dorset 
Amy Elizabeth GouldFemale1876Stalbridge, Dorset 
Annie GouldFemale1886Gadshill, Hampshire 
Arthur J GouldMale1892Horsington, Somerset 
Bertram Francis GouldMale1886Stalbridge, Dorset 
Bessie Maud GouldFemale1883Stalbridge, Dorset 
Charles GouldMale1832Thorne Coffin, Somerset 
Charles GouldMale1836Thornford, Dorset 
Clara GouldFemale1872Thornford, Dorset 
Daniel GouldMale1827Ulanwood, Devon 
David GouldMale1877Thornford, Dorset 
Douglas GouldMale1897Holnest, Dorset 
Edwin Charles GouldMale1885Stalbridge, Dorset 
Elizabeth Emma GouldFemale1870Stalbridge, Dorset1871
Emily J GouldFemale1876Wootton Glanvilles, Dorset 
Francis G GouldMale1862Milborne Port, Somerset 
Frank C GouldMale1894Horsington, Somerset 
Frederick GouldMale1854Hinton St George, Somerset 
Frederick G GouldMale1897Charlton Horethorne, Somerset 
George Edward GouldMale1859Wareham, Dorset 
George Lewis GouldMale1884Bournemouth, Hampshire 
George Thomas Harrison GouldMale1837West Coker, Somerset1907
Gerald GouldMale1896Holnest, Dorset 
Hugh GouldMale1886Wimborne, Dorset