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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Louisa Cumming-GordonFemale  
William Duff-GordonMale1772 
Adam Gordon, Lord of GordonMale  
Agnes M G GordonFemale1882Bridport, Dorset 
Alexander Gordon, 2nd Duke of GordonMale 1728
Alexander Gordon, K.C.B.Male 1815
Alexander GordonMale 1809
Alexander GordonMale17391792
Alistair Ninian John GordonMale1920 
Anne GordonFemale 1837
Anne GordonFemale 1708
Anne GordonFemale 1821
Anne GordonFemale 1755
Anne GordonFemale17141791
Archibald Ian GordonMale18841909
Archibald Victor Dudley GordonMale1913 
Arthur GordonMale  
Arthur John Lewis Gordon, C.M.G.Male  
Catherine GordonFemale  
Catherine GordonFemale 1779
Charles GordonMale 1771
Charles GordonMale17701851
Charles GordonMale17901835
Cosmo GordonMale  
Cosmo GordonMale 1876