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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Annie L GoldenFemale1889Thornford, Dorset 
Beatrice E GoldenFemale1878Thornford, Dorset 
Frances S GoldenFemale1880Anstey, Dorset 
Frank GoldenMale1885Thornford, Dorset 
Henry GoldenMale1887Thornford, Dorset 
Mabel H GoldenFemale1883Thornford, Dorset 
Robert C GoldenMale1877Milford, Hampshire 
Thomas GoldenMale1853Thornford, Dorset 
Emma Golden-HannFemale1892Thornford, Dorset 
Frank Golden-HannMale1885Thornford, Dorset 
Henry Golden-HannMale1887Thornford, Dorset 
Mona Golden-HannFemale1899Thornford, Dorset 
Thomas Golden-HannMale1854Thornford, Dorset 
Thomas John Golden-HannMale1875Thornford, Dorset