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Name Gender Birth Where Born Death
Alec GodfreyMale1889Horsington, Somerset 
Annie E GodfreyFemale1891Horsington, Somerset 
Arabella GodfreyFemale  
Bessie GodfreyFemale1874Bristol, Somerset 
Edith M GodfreyFemale1882Horsington, Somerset 
Evelyn M GodfreyFemale1892Horsington, Somerset 
Frances K GodfreyFemale1874Horsington, Somerset 
Frederick GodfreyMale1840Edington, Somerset 
Fritz GodfreyMale1864Horsington, Somerset 
George Harman GodfreyMale18411890
Gertrude E GodfreyFemale1887Horsington, Somerset 
Hubert G GodfreyMale1886Horsington, Somerset 
James GodfreyMale1830Horsington, Somerset 
Julia M GodfreyFemale1871Horsington, Somerset 
Margaritt L GodfreyFemale1893Horsington, Somerset 
Peter GodfreyMale  
Richard J GodfreyMale1890Horsington, Somerset 
Robert V GodfreyMale1900Horsington, Somerset 
Sydney A GodfreyMale1896Horsington, Somerset 
William GodfreyMale1827Horsington, Somerset 
William H GodfreyMale1857Horsington, Somerset